U.S. Army PT Drills

Interested in learning the physical training drills the Army uses? Check out the interactive Physical Training (PT) Guide and then download the PDF version for your use.

How to Join

See the step-by-step process it takes to join the Army—from talking to a Recruiter to finding the best position for you.

U.S. Army Drill Sergeant inspecting soldiers in a formation.
Soldiers and civilians in a classroom.

Recruiting Process

You can either meet with a recruiter at a recruitment center or email one to get answers to your questions. Working with a recruiter face-to-face is the best way to find the Army job and service option that fits your abilities and goals.

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Basic Combat Training

Basic Combat Training is your first introduction to Army life. You’ll learn the ins and outs of being a Soldier, including Army traditions and values.

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Soldiers in a classroom for training.

Advanced Individual Training

During Advanced Individual Training (AIT), you'll learn the skills to perform your Army job.

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