75th Ranger Regiment
Ranger Soldier, peering down the sights
A Ranger Soldier stands guard over a helicopter landing.

About the Rangers

The Rangers are the most elite large-scale fighting force the Army has to offer. Their mission, depending on the operation, can range from airfield seizure to special reconnaissance, and they have a rich operational history.

Army Rangers parachute

Join the Ranger Regiment

Becoming a member the 75th Ranger Regiment will be one of the hardest challenges you will ever face. In this section, we’ll tell you about the requirements to become a Ranger, and how you should prepare for the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program (RASP) 1.

Life in the Regiment

In this section, you will learn about what you will do as a day-to-day member of the Regiment, and the role you’ll provide to your platoon.

Two army rangers standing guard

Your Questions About Serving

Here are some of the most frequent questions we answer about serving in the Ranger Regiment.

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