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PSYOP Soldier meets with locals.

Team Members

PSYOP Soldiers operate on small autonomous teams, with the primary mission to persuade local populations.

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PSYOP Soldiers distribute information.


PSYOP Soldiers’ primary missions include Military Information Support Operations (MISO), Civil Authority Information Support, Military Support to Public Diplomacy, and Military Deception (MILDEC).

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37F Psychological Operations Specialist


PSYOP Candidates must embark on a long and rigorous training process to become Psychological Operations Soldiers. Learn more about PSYOP Training.

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Soldier speaks with a local child during a routine patrol.


Interested in becoming a PSYOP Soldier? Learn more about initial PSYOP requirements, and whether you qualify for PSYOP training.

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Special Operations Soldier speaks with local citizens.


The use of Psychological Warfare has been essential to U.S. military operations since World War I and is a key element in Special Operations today. Learn about the establishment of Psychological Operations, and some of its most notable missions through history.

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Special Forces Soldiers in a Leightweight Tactical All Terrain Vehicle (LTATV).


Learn more about the technological capabilities of PSYOP Soldiers, and the equipment they use in the field.

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