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Soldiers conducting weapons simulator training
Cadets in Classroom

Officer Candidate School (OCS)

OCS allows college graduates to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be commissioned as an Army Officer. Through classroom instruction and training exercises, candidates learn to become leaders. Upon completion of OCS, they are commissioned as Army Second Lieutenants.

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CW2 wearing OCP and harness standing in front of a Apache helicopter outside during the daytime

Warrant Officer

Warrant Officers are the technical experts in the Army. They have specific technical or tactical specialties and manage and maintain many of the Army’s combat systems, vehicles and networks.

Soldier recites the oath of enlistment

Green to Gold

If you are an enlisted Soldier, and you wish to earn a college degree and become and Officer, then the Army Green to Gold program is for you. Get money for college through one of several scholarship options and earn your commission as an Officer.

Special Forces water training

Special Operations

If you have dreamed of joining one of the U.S. Army’s elite units, then a career in Special Operations beckons. Choose from one of several Special Operations branches and find out if you have what it takes to be counted among the elite.

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Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB)

SFAB Soldiers conduct security cooperation activities, which strengthen host nation defense capabilities.

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