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My name is Captain Kenrick Forrester, and I’m a Special Forces officer. As a combat arms guy, I think the biggest perspective is that it’s, you know, leadership. You know, we’re accomplishing several different missions, several different, you know, things at the same time. You know, none of my peers got that. I had peers that went into business, or into marketing, and they all start at the bottom and you know, they’re making copies or they’re trying to learn as they go along, and here I am, day one, and I have 40 guys that work for me. Everything we do is about leadership. It’s not about the weapon, it’s not about the tank, it’s not about the, you know, technical gear that you get at the last moment. It’s about, “How do you get this done in this environment with these guys before the time you need to get it done?” You know, and I have to make sure as a leader that I’m telling them the right thing, giving them the right guidance, and I mean, those are things that you don’t get anywhere else. That’s something that, I think, you know, matured me to the point where I am now so, you know, I know how to lead people across any spectrum.

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