Soliders during a combat mission influtrating an enemy location.

Ready. Agile. Lethal.

The U.S. Army is the most versatile and diverse fighting force on the planet.

Team mission

We deploy, fight and win against any adversary, anytime and anywhere,
by providing ready, prompt and sustained land dominance.

Soldier prepares drone for flight

On any front

We are able to fight not only on land, at sea, and in the air using combined arms, but in all domains, including cyberspace, outer space, and the electromagnetic spectrum.

Soldiers in the field while the sun is setting.

Always ready

We stand ready to deploy at a moment’s notice to conduct major operations and campaigns anywhere in the world.

Army Sniper in ghillie suit aiming rifle.


Whether it is counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, or to advise and assist operations, our team is highly trained, adaptable and prepared for any type of battle.

Soldier controlling an armored vehicle.


Our manned and unmanned combat vehicles, aircraft, and weapons systems are more agile, lethal and resilient than those of our adversaries. This dominance will continue as we upgrade and incorporate robotics, artificial intelligence and other technologies as they mature.

Soldiers in combat.


We prioritize the development and promotion of smart, thoughtful and innovative leaders of character who are comfortable with complexity and capable of operating from the tactical to the strategic level.