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FMTV Family of Medium Tactical Vehicle

Family Of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV)

FMTVs are primarily used for transporting personnel and equipment. Based on a common chassis, they require less maintenance than earlier models. FMTV configurations may vary by payload and mission requirements.

HEMTT Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck

Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT)

HEMTTs are used to re-supply combat vehicles and weapons systems. These vehicles deploy quickly and can operate wherever the Army needs them, regardless of climate conditions.



The civilian Humvee's mystique is built on the maneuverability and versatility of the Army version. This vehicle's high power-to-weight ratio, high ground clearance and four-wheel drive make it an effective tool in difficult terrain. It can be configured as a troop carrier, armament carrier, shelter carrier, ambulance, TOW missile carrier or scout vehicle.

M-1070 HET

M1070 Heavy Equipment Transport (HET)

It takes a powerful vehicle to haul an M1 Abrams tank. With a 70-ton payload and a load-leveling hydraulic suspension, the HET transports, deploys and recovers tanks as well as other heavy-tracked and wheeled vehicles.

PLS Palletized Load System

Palletized Load System (PLS)

What does it take to pick up 20-foot payload trailer filled with battle gear? A Palletized Loading System. These vehicles load and unload combat-configured pallets from their flat rack cargo beds without the need for forklifts or additional equipment.

RG31 vehicle MRAP


The Buffalo is a six-wheeled armored vehicle equipped with a hydraulic arm used to clear explosives, such as mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).